2017 Quarter Two Goals



This is a little late since April is over already, but I haven’t made that many goals and I’ve already accomplished a lot in April and am well on my way to accomplishing more.

For the past couple of years, I’ve done monthly goals, and they’ve worked well for me, but something I’ve noticed is that a lot of my goals don’t change over the months. Because of that, I am willing to try something different, and a lot of people I know do quarterly goals, so why not do that?

So here it is, the beginning of May, and I am just now mentioning my goals for this quarter (April, May, June). It’s a short list as I’m still getting in the grove of writing again, but I believe it’s something I can accomplish in that time period and I’m really looking forward to it.

– Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo (50K words) – done
– Complete Endless Starry Nights (2.25 chapters left)
– Complete untitled dragon prequel (3 chapters left)
– Write untitled dragon book #1
– Outline Shifters & Mages books #3-4

I have printed out several pages of three-month calendars with a goals list on the right-hand side, so that I may keep track of my goals, daily word counts and when I accomplish various goals. I’m hoping to get better at keeping up with goals again and keeping track of said goals.

Do you have quarterly goals? How do you measure the amount of success you’ve had each month? Do you track it any way?


4 thoughts on “2017 Quarter Two Goals

  1. I do monthly goals because the tighter deadline allows me to get things done faster. Otherwise, I’d be like, “I have to get this done by the end of June and it’s only April, so this can go off to the side for now…” I don’t like to procrastinate, but that trait gets to the best of us at one point or another.
    I think you have great, realistic goals though. Good luck with them!


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