2017 July Camp NaNoWriMo Recap #1



The first week of Camp NaNoWriMo is completed. I decided to focus my attention to Hunters’ Betrayal since I have so many ideas for it now. Go me!

Am I happy with my progress? Yes. I can officially say I have more words on this project now than I ever have in the past of working on it. Let me re-phrase that because it’s not entirely true when I go back and look at older files. One of my most recent files I had about 20K in Hunters’ Betrayal, but almost 14K of that was the re-write of the same chapters three different times. If I take the earliest re-writes out, there’s only about 6K in that file, so yes, this is the farthest I’ve gotten with this particular project.

Am I caught up? No. I recently created a file that would help me track my personal word count totals outside of NaNoWriMo months (I love it!) and according to it, I need to write 61,954 to reach my 75K goal. That means I need to write 1,999 words a day to make that goal, which I haven’t been doing… I’m not that far behind, and I will catch up today or tomorrow, but I’m not as of this posting.


I’m not that far behind… Especially since there have been several days I’ve written. Moreover, I’m proud of this writing chart I’ve got. It’s working really well for me and keeping me motivated to write more and really hit my word counts, which means I get… CHOCOLATE!!!

I’m once again, using a reward system. Every time I hit my daily word count, I get a piece of chocolate for 1K I hit. So, my goal is 1,999 words. If I hit that, I get a piece of candy. If I hit 2K, two pieces, 3K means three, and so on and so forth. I’ve had five pieces of chocolate and they were delicious. Yummy!

That being said, I set up Camp NaNoWriMo with my usual 50K. I could set it higher, but I’m a traditionalist, and the regular NaNoWriMo is all about reaching 50K, so… yeah…

According to the site, I was supposed to be at 11,290 words yesterday, and according to my chart above, I’d written 12,854. I think it’s safe to say I’m ahead there, so there’s that.

Day 1: 2,619 (Goal: 1,612)
Day 2: 4,039 (Goal: 3,225)
Day 3: 6,381 (Goal: 4,838)
Day 4: 6,381 (Goal: 6,451)
Day 5: 6,958 (Goal: 8,064)
Day 6: 9,705 (Goal: 9,677)
Day 7: 12,854 (Goal: 11,290)

Does that mean I get more chocolate? lol


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