2017 July Camp NaNoWriMo Recap #2



The second week of Camp NaNoWriMo is completed. I’m still focusing on Hunters’ Betrayal, but there’s been some interesting developments as well.

First, I contacted an editor for the first Shifters & Mages novel, Puck’s Choice. Currently, it is published with Cedar Loft Publishing, but I will be getting the rights back for it and the second novel, Jenna’s Story, by the end of August. Meaning, they will no longer be published.

That said, I have been slowly looking into indie publishing them on my end. I’ve been looking up cover artist costs, editing costs, audiobook costs, etc. If I thought there was a lot to look into with publishing with a small traditional publisher, there’s even more to look up with indie publishing.

So, deciding to put Puck’s Choice did two things. First, it put me a little behind writing schedule because I decided (the moment I booked the editor) to do one more read-through/edit of the novel myself before I send it to her. Second, it allowed me to see that the novel was not as long as I thought.

In my mind, the novels are about 75K in length, and I actually thought Puck’s Choice was too, but it’s not. It was only 72.5K, and I expect it will be shorter after another round of editing.

So… I changed my writing goal on my chart. Instead of aiming for 75K, like I was originally, I’m now aiming for 70K. When I do my first self-edit, I tend to add more description anyway, so 70K for a first draft is pretty dang good in my opinion, and more obtainable than 75K.

I also added a column to my chart that allowed me to track my other writing. Meaning that outside my main project. This can include any side projects, short stories, etc I’m working on. It does not include blog posts (don’t I wish), online posts, etc.

The image below is my chart, which includes my personal project writing totals, not my Camp NaNoWriMo counts.

2017julycamprecap2Day 1: 2,619 (Goal: 1,612)
Day 2: 4,039 (Goal: 3,225)
Day 3: 6,381 (Goal: 4,838)
Day 4: 6,381 (Goal: 6,451)
Day 5: 6,958 (Goal: 8,064)
Day 6: 9,705 (Goal: 9,677)
Day 7: 12,854 (Goal: 11,290)

Day 8: 14,957 (Goal: 12,903)
Day 9: 17,244 (Goal: 14,516)
Day 10: 18,575 (Goal: 16,129)
Day 11: 24,587 (Goal: 17,741)
Day 12: 27,021 (Goal: 19,354)
Day 13: 28,163 (Goal: 20,967)
Day 14: 28,840 (Goal: 22,580)

Above is my Camp NaNoWriMo word counts. As you can see I’m doing much better there than with my personal word counts. Not to say I’m not happy with my personal word counts – I am – but it looks much better when the chart says I’m only aiming for 50K, which is what I always aim for, rather than 70K.

And my personal word counts are going to steadily get worse over the next couple of days because I plan on doing a quick read-through/edit of Puck’s Choice before sending it off.

How’s Camp going for you guys?


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