Book Lovers Blog Hop: What’s Your Favorite Genre to Read?


This is going to be an interesting month. The reason? I’ve been invited to participate with several other book bloggers to take part in a blog hop this month. For those who don’t know, a blog hop is where a bunch of bloggers get together and write about a specific topic and create a list (see my own list at the bottom of this post) that links to the others participating so you can “hop” between posts.
Currently, I have all the blogs listed at the bottom, but I will update this list as the month continues so that it will go directly to the blog hop post.

As you can see from the title of this post, I will be discussing what my favorite genre to read is, as well as posting the answers of some of the others participating in the blog hop.

What’s your favorite genre to read?

I read several genres, but the main ones are romance (contemporary, erotica, sweet, clean, etc) and fantasy. I tend to read a lot of YA books as well. I have been DEVOURING fairy-tale re-tellings. I absolutely love them. You can check out what I’ve read and what I plan on reading in the future on my Goodreads page.

JoLinsdellJo Linsdell

I have very varied reading tastes and, thanks to being sent books for review, have read lots of great books I would never have picked out otherwise. That said, I love easy read romance for when I’m tired. Crime, mystery, thrillers are my favourites though.

Jebraun CliffordJebraun Clifford

I enjoy anything YA and/or speculative. That means fantasy, science fiction (more space operas than the hard science stuff!), and paranormal. I also really like a lot of classic lit as I was an English major at college.

Laurie Lucking Author HeadshotLaurie Lucking

My favorite genre to read is fantasy, especially if it has a central romance 🙂 I also read some dystopian, historical, contemporary, and mystery – a little bit of everything!

Leslie ConzattiLeslie Conzatti

My favorite genre would be… very difficult to choose from! I have adored books in the fantasy (high fantasy, low fantasy, urban fantasy, post-apocalyptic fantasy… all of it!) genre, sci-fi books, mysteries, thrillers, paranormal, crime, any kind of “punk” (cyberpunk, nanopunk, steampunk, etc.)—anything with a compelling premise and not too obsessive with the romance (Outlander was a very special exception, Okay?) and I am sold! I guess that would fall under the “speculative fiction” umbrella, then? Given the choice, though, I probably have a higher chance of going for something fantasy from an author I don’t know yet. The thing I love most is the scope, when the author doesn’t tell absolutely everything about the world they’ve made, but lets the reader make connections to the various aspects that have been introduced, thereby giving the reader a personal connection, themselves.

Jordan 300dpiJust B. Jordan

I love high/epic fantasy. Stories that have crazy world building, make you think, and are hundreds of pages long…now that’s my cup of tea. 😉 But when my brain needs a break I find myself reaching for fairytale stories or rom-coms.

KatherinePisanaKatherine A. Pisana

Nowadays I read just about everything. When it comes to YA I have a soft spot for fantasy and contemporary–usually with a dash of romance. As for adult, I read everything from fantasy to horror to romance. Historical romance was the first adult genre I delved into and so aside from loving that genre, it also has a nostalgic quality for me. It was a genre that helped build my love of reading.

Kara Swanson

My favorite genre would definitely be speculative fiction. (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, etc) I love reading novels with well-developed characters, in exotic worlds as they journey through similar difficulties we all face–but from a unique perspective. Superhuman abilities. Creative landscapes and darkly powerful villains. When the stakes are higher, and the character journeys more pronounced by the magic and whimsical circumstances around them…

Sade RenaSade Rena

My reading taste is pretty wide. I often find myself switching genres every few months. Currently, I am loving the romance genre. More on the erotic side. It’s more of a research type of thing for me, but a lot of the stories that I’ve read, have been pretty addicting.

BelindaBekkersBelinda Bekkers

I’m drawn to literary fiction as well as non-fiction, particularly creative non-fiction, personal essays, and creative development. I delve into poetry, young adult, and crime occasionally.

vljauthorpicV.L. Jennings

I love reading speculative fiction. Mostly sci-fi and fantasy. Its an added bonus if there is a touch of romance in the story but not necessary. I mostly read YA because they are often quicker adventures. I do love when a good adult sci-fi or fantasy happens to cross my path though!


1st August Jo Linsdell – What are you reading this month?
2nd August Skye hegyes – What’s your favorite genre to read?
3rd August Katherine A. Pisana – Where do you get your books?
4th August Upstream Writer – Best read of 2017 so far?
5th August Upstream Writer – Favorite author?
6th August Belinda Bekkers – Favorite book cover design?
7th August Brandy Potter – Favorite reading spot? Where do most reading?
8th August Belinda Bekkers – Are print or e-books better?
9th August Casia Schreyer – How do arrange your bookshelf?
10th August Katherine A. Pisana – Favorite book to movie adaptation?
11th August V.L. Jennings – Most evil villain?
12th August V.L. Jennings – What’s the best plot twist you’ve read?
13th August CJ Brightley – Favorite fictional character?
14th August Just B Jordan – Best fictional friendship?
15th August Sade Rena – Best book series?
16th August Angela Guidolin – Most thought-provoking book you’ve read?
17th August Tabitha Caplinger – Top 3 books you think everyone should read?
18th August Skye Hegyes – Where do you post your reviews of books you’ve read?
19th August Lands Uncharted – What was the last book you gave a 5 star review?
20th August KM Carroll – Which book do you wish had a sequel?
21st August Upstream Writer – Which author would you most want to interview and why?
22nd August Jo Linsdell – How often do you go to the library?
23rd August Belinda Bekkers – Goodreads challenge/reading goal for this year? On track so far?
24th August Fabian Space – Do your family/friends support your reading habit?
25th August The Literary Apothecary – Do you enter book giveaways? Last prize you won?
26th August Just B Jordan – Name a book that made you cry
27th August Jebraun Clifford – Do you write as well as read? Do you see yourself being an author in the future?
28th August Brandy Potter – When did you get into reading?
29th August Skye Hegyes – What do you do to get out of a reading slump?
30th August Brandy otter – If a genie were to grant you 3 bookish wishes, what would you ask for and why?
31st August Lands Uncharted – Do you take part in readathons? Why? If yes, which are your favorite?


7 thoughts on “Book Lovers Blog Hop: What’s Your Favorite Genre to Read?

      • I’ve read A TON of retellings this year so far. Gotta say though… my favorite had been Rumpelstiltskin by K.M. Shea. It’s technically the 4th book in the Timeless Fairy Tales series and the covers are ugly as sin (they need a total makeover with re-branding – even Shea admits that) but the story was wonderful and I fell in love with Rumpel for the first time since watching Once Upon a Time (which I admit I’ve only seen the first season of…).


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