Shifters & Mages Update


The last time I posted a writing update, I described how I was working with an editor for Puck’s Choice and I posted my publishing plan for it. Today, I want to talk about the series as a whole.

Confession Time #1

That’s right. Puck’s Choice was originally a stand alone novel idea. When I first started writing it, I was in a phase where I was tired of reading trilogies and series and wanted more stand alone novels, but couldn’t find any. One of my main theories of writing is to write what you want to read, so when I started writing Puck’s Choice back in 2009, it was actually a stand alone novel, but sometime during my edits in 2013, Jenna started poking me in the head saying she wanted her say in the story, so I planned it out to be a five book series, where each book would follow a different character.

Puck’s Choice – Puck Dupree
Jenna’s Story – Jenna and Scott Grayson
Hunters’ Betrayal – Rand and Michael Hunter
Myles’ Life – Myles and Kayla Thomas
Cassie’s Love – Cassie Barnes and Puck Dupree

Since then, the titles and the series have changed multiple times with the first two novels always being the same: Puck’s Choice and Jenna’s Story.

Then, a few months ago (you can read more about the decision here), I shortened the series to four books.

Puck’s Choice – Puck Dupree
Jenna’s Story – Jenna and Scott Grayson
Hunters’ Betrayal – Rand and Michael Hunter
Mages’ Sacrifice – Cassie Barnes and Puck Dupree

However, even this is not working for me. The main reason I shortened it was because I felt like a lot of the material I wanted to include in each of the books could be included in books before, and I’m getting the same feeling now with the last two in the series, and part of me really wants to just write three books now and make the series a trilogy.

If I condense the main events in Hunters’ Betrayal down to Rand’s perspective only, I can cut a third of what I’ve already written for the book. Then I could include chapters that switch to Cassie’s and Puck’s views and wrap up all the final events into one book.

So what about Michael’s story? Well… it’s long enough by itself that I could release it as a novella. I’d already had plans to do that with Warren’s story, so I could have the main trilogy from the “good guys” perspective, and the three novellas from the “bad guys” perspective. So what would the three novels and novellas be then?

Shifters & Mages Novels
Puck’s Choice – Puck Dupree
Jenna’s Story – Jenna and Scott Grayson
Mages’ Sacrifice – Rand Hunter Cassie Barnes and Puck Dupree

Shifters & Mages Novellas
Warren’s Rage – Warren Emerson
Hunters’ Betrayal – Michael Hunter
Nicky’s Scheme – Nicky and Leon

If I put what I’ve already written for Hunters’ Betrayal and Mages’ Sacrifice together (subtracting Michael Hunter’s bits that is), then I’ll have written about a third of the novel already at 25-35K, the beginning and the end. All I’d need to do is write the middle, and I have the events for such planned out thanks to cutting events from three books and making it one and a half. *laughs*

I’m still playing with ideas and writing here and there, so even this might not be a final set list. Let me know what you think. I’m open to ideas at the moment as I continue my writing journey with this series.

Anyway, that’s what’s currently running through my brain as my editor and I continue going back and forth with Puck’s Choice. As far as my publishing plan goes, I’m still at the beginning of the plan.

  • Edit
    • Self-edit (complete)
    • Professional edit (in-progress)
  • Cover
    • Research cover artists (complete)
    • Choose/Contact cover artist (in-progress)
    • Cover Reveal – bloggers/newsletter?

Edits are in the back and forth stage between my editor and I. I am in love with the ideas and suggestions she’s been shooting my way. It’s the kind of edit I wish Puck’d had a looooooong time ago, really.

I have researched and chosen a cover artist for the trilogy/series. I love her work, and I can’t wait to see what she would do with these. I am holding off on this though until I have the first draft of the last book(s) written. One, to know how many books there will be in the trilogy/series. Two, because I want to get all the covers at the same time.

If I hadn’t mentioned it before, I get the rights back to the two novels (Puck’s Choice and Jenna’s Story) at the end of August. I got my official letter about it a couple weeks (days?) ago. I’m sad to see it unpublished, but I’m also excited about the way it’s going so far with re-publishing it.

So, that’s where I currently stand with Puck’s Choice. I went ahead and decided to do updates on the process leading up to its release. This is one of the things I like to learn about from other authors, and I really like how Chris Fox did it with his 12-Weeks to a Trilogy challenge on YouTube. The closer I get to publication, the more updates I might have, but that’s the exciting part because that means it will just be closer to release day.

It feels good to be excited about these books again!


10 thoughts on “Shifters & Mages Update

    • I haven’t posted it yet, but anyone who’s already posted a review of eother book will be getting a free copy of the first novel. I just haven’t decided if it will be an ebook or a paperback… 😉


      • I’m even more excited now!! 😀
        But seriously, if you need help with anything for the books, let me know. You know where to find me. 😉


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