There was a recent NaNoWriMo video that I watched, where the woman wrote self-love letters to herself for all of NaNoWriMo, and I love the idea. It’s an awesome concept.

I think we all need to write ourself a love letter (or several) at some point in our lives. I honestly believe we push ourselves and stress ourselves out unnecessarily, and we forget to love ourselves.

Take a break from life for a little while, sit down, and write yourself a love letter. What do you like about yourself? What do you LOVE about yourself? Write it all down. Flatter yourself. Romance yourself. Seduce yourself.


You. Are. Worth. It.


6 thoughts on “Self-Love

  1. This is a good idea, I never thought about doing it for NaNo. I do write a love letter to myself every New Year. I started it a couple of years ago when I knew a lot of changes were going to come into my life (my sister had just gotten married and my best friend was pregnant among other life-related things). It was a nice reminder to go back to and look at once in a while, so I’ve started doing it every year. It takes five minutes, I barely look at it, but it’s therapeutic, lol.


    • For class one day, we had to write ourselves a letter. They were mailed out ten years later. Since I’ve moved several times, mine did not reach me, but saw the teacher at Justin’s class reunion and got it then. It was interesting to read how much I’ve changed in ten years and how much I predicted.

      That’s something I’d like to do again, every five years (on New Years) I’d like to write a letter to myself with a stamp on the back of when to open it. Just to see how much has changed.


      • You know, good for your teacher for keeping that letter for you all those years. That’s a amazing. I did something similar with my best friend (years ago, we’re not even friends anymore). We decided to open them three years later. We ended up forgetting about the letters, but I stumbled upon them many years later, long after we stopped talking. It was nostalgic, funny, and sad at the same time.

        That’s not a bad idea. It’s like a time capsule in a way. I may do that too. 🙂


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