Shifters & Mages Update #2


The professional edits for Puck’s Choice are done!

According to my publishing plan, the next step would be the cover. However, I’m going to skip that for now and go on to formatting for a couple of reasons.

  1. Cover artist needs to know page count for paperbacks.
  2. I’m going to have the covers designed for all the books at the same time. (At least the eBook covers.)

But let’s go back to the professional edits for a moment.

NOTE: For those who have read and reviewed the original published version of Puck’s Choice, I apologize profusely and will be offering free eBooks to you all upon re-release.


Because it’s changed… a lot…

And it needed it. It needed it bad. There were a lot of things, thinking back, that I’m not sure why I wrote them, and I learned several things about myself from this experience such as:

  • Commas and I hate each other. Oxford comma? Regular comma? What friggin’ rules apply here?!?
  • I have a lot to learn about other cultures. One of my favorite things about Rand is that he’s half-Italian on his mother’s side, but there were several things that didn’t jive. I’d Americanized (basically white-washed? I guess?) someone who hadn’t been in the states long enough to be Americanized. Ahh! It was not intentional, I swear! Boo to me. I know better.

That said, my feelings after this edit have been completely different than any edit in the past (both self and professional). At the end of every past edit, I’ve hated Puck’s tale (Haha! Tail?) and never wanted to look at it again. This time? No. I’m excited. I’m ecstatic. “The gods are pleased with your sacrifice,” a demonic voice says to me, and I preen at the words. I want to publish it NOW so I can show it off.

A lot of things changed including some of the characters names, actions, and behaviors. These changes were all good and necessary, and a lot of them set people and scenes/actions up for the next book(s).

One of the main reasons I don’t hate the story though is because of all the positive feedback I got.

“This section reads better now. :)”

“By the way, I got this reference to the Salem Witch Trials. Nicely slipped in.”

“Good. This feels more like reticent Rand.”

“I wondered about that. 🙂 Another unanswered question. You’re lining ‘em up!”

“Good names. :)”

Even one as simple as this:

“Good :)”

But my favorite?

Puck's Choice Snippet

Puck's Choice Snippet2

This was, by far, one of my favorite scenes to write, and I love that someone else appreciated it as well.

Also, if you need editing done, Chelo is amazing! Love her work. I highly, highly, highly recommend!


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