Shifters & Mages Update #3


With Puck’s Choice completely done, I guess it’s time for an update on the rest of the series, huh?

Confession Time #2

Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what today’s going to be about.

First off, a change in the books:

Shifters & Mages Novels

  1. Puck’s Choice
  2. Jenna’s Story
  3. Mages’ Sacrifice

Shifters & Mages Novellas

  1. Warren’s Rage
  2. Scott’s Investigation
  3. Hunters’ Betrayal

So where does each book stand?

Puck’s Choice

Done. Ready for publication.

Jenna’s Story

Re-writing first draft. I cut out all of Scott’s parts to create a novella for him. I plan on adding a sub-plot that ties in the Hunters and change the ending and how everything comes together. I only need to write about 14K to make it match the length of Puck’s Choice.

Mages’ Sacrifice

Still in its first draft. There’s about 6K written in it already, all of which falls at the end of the story. There’s a lot of sub-plots from the other two books that need to be tied up with this one, so it’s going to be interesting getting that done without rushing the plot or completely destroying the work I’ve already done. This novel will the toughest to complete just because it ties everything together. There’s about 7K already written for this, which means there’s only about 65K left to go. Yup. A lot.

Warren’s Rage

Thanks to Puck’s Choice, some of the beginning of this is already done, although since Puck and Warren dated for about six months, there are a couple different scenes I’m showing with their interactions with one another, mostly as they hang out with Warren’s friends. I’ve written about 5K of it so far, and only have about 20K to go before I tie this one up.

Scott’s Investigation

This one takes the parts that were in the original published novel of Jenna’s Story and gives them their own novella. I’m also adding a few scenes that will tie it to the rest of the novels and also a few scenes that had been cut from Jenna’s Story before publication but can now be added to this novella. It’s just under 17K right now, and needs another 8K to finish it off.

Hunters’ Betrayal

This novella is done. The ending’s a bit rough and includes a little bit of information that I’d rather include in Mages’ Sacrifice and there’s a scene I want to add in that will tie this book to Mages’ Sacrifice, but for the most part, the first draft is complete. As soon as I have a first draft of the rest of the novels and novellas, I’ll begin edits on this.

Shifters & Mages Novellas

I’m excited about the progression I have on all the novels and novellas so far, and I hope to get a lot more done (all of Warren’s Rage, for instance) before the end of September for the #Sept100KChallenge. It will be interesting to see how everything goes.

My next major task will be to figure out a collective name for the novellas. I will be releasing them as a collection rather than as individual novellas, and need to figure out a title to use for the collection.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments below!


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