Shifters & Mages Update #5


It’s time for the weekly check-in. If you haven’t noticed, it’s being posted on Monday rather than Wednesday. The reason is I’m adding in some new additions, and I decided to switch some posts around to make room for them. So, my future blog schedule is looking like:

Monday: Manuscript Mondays (Shifters & Mages updates for now)
Tuesday: TV/Movie Discussion #1
Thursday: TV/Movie Discussion #2
Friday: Feature Friday

So, that being said, let’s get into this week’s update.

Jenna’s Story

I printed out the story so that I can do a quick rough-edit of it before I start re-writing it. There are some scenes near the end that are going to change, and I want to make sure I change them before I start re-writing to make sure everything jives well.

Warren’s Rage

I’m currently writing the first draft of this. Some of the chapters are easy because some of the scenes were in Puck’s Choice, but the rest is a little harder, especially when explaining how he becomes a shifter. I have ideas. Now it’s just a matter of putting those ideas down.

Scott’s Investigation

Like Jenna’s Story, I’ve printed out the first draft of this to make changes and edit it so that it follows the storyline and how everything will be laid out. Since this is a novella, that shouldn’t take too long, and I’ll be able to do the re-write.


I plan to get all three of these done this month, and if I have time, I’d like to re-write the ending to Hunters’ Betrayal as well. There’s a character that needs introducing, and the best place to bring her in would be the end of Hunters’ Betrayal. It may seem like a lot because of how many projects I’m working on, but the novellas are only going to be about 25,000 (25K) words when finished. (Hunters’ Betrayal‘s first edit sits at 30K, and there are two chapters that repeat a lot of the same information, which I plan to fix during edits. Then Jenna’s Story only needs about 15,000 (15K) to be complete. I think it’s doable. All of it doable.

Especially once I get Dragon NaturallySpeaking up and running for me completely once again.


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