Shifters & Mages Update #6


I guess I’m supposed to provide an update on my writing and what I’ve been doing with meeting my goals, huh?


I have already failed at the first one, which was to complete the first draft of Warren’s Rage by 10-10-17. Unless I can write 15,000 (15K) words in a single 24-hour period, which I have done… when I didn’t have to work… Yeah… It’s probably not going to happen. I will be trying my best, and we’ll see how far I get, but I’ve adjusted my goals a little bit because there’s some things I hadn’t considered when I created them.

Warren’s Rage

Warren’s Rage is a first draft. It’s never been written before, except for the two or three converging portions mentioned in Puck’s Choice, before. It always takes me longer to write a first draft than to edit or re-write a second.

Original Due Date: 10-10-17
New Due Date: 10-15-17

That should give me plenty of time to write a pretty strong first draft for this novella.

Current Word Count: 11,709
Word Count Goal: 25,000

Scott’s Investigation

This is going to be a complete re-write. There are some tid-bits I’ll be keeping (albiet very few), but most of it’s going to be a re-write based on some things that were changed in Puck’s Choice and will be changed in Jenna’s Story.

Original Due Date: 10-20-17
New Due Date: 12-31-17

There’s quite a bit of plot to include in the new draft that will tie all the characters together, but I’m looking forward to working on it. The word count listed below is not quite accurate since it will be a re-write, but no matter.

Current Word Count: 16,852
Word Count Goal: 25,000

Jenna’s Story

This is not a complete re-write, but I have to add in a new subplot. Originally, Scott’s portions were the subplot, but some things have changed and now it’s not.

Original Due Date: 10-31-17
New Due Date: 12-31-17

The new subplots will make this a second draft, I think, since techically it had gone through a few rounds of editing before I cut all Scott’s parts out, creating a brand new first draft… I’m not certain. I’m calling it a second draft. We’ll go with that.

Current Word Count: 58,236
Word Count Goal: 72,000

Mages’ Sacrifice

This is the one I’ve done the least amount of work on and need to do the most on. It ties up all the loose ends of the series and brings everything to a close. Still, I felt the need to change the due date as well.

Original Due Date: 11-30-17
New Due Date: 12-31-17

Three of the projects all have the same due date. Why? Because I felt that they needed it. I’ll be working the least amount of time on Mages’ Sacrifice, but it’s also the one I’ve done the most planning on and have basically dreamed about since I originally published Puck’s Choice back in 2013, four years ago. It doesn’t worry me that it has the shortest amount of time spent on it. Not on the first draft at least.

Current Word Count: 12,694
Word Count Goal: 72,000

I still need a title for the novella collection. Currently, I’m thinking Shifters & Mages Tales but could always use input. What do you guys think?


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