TV Discussion #4: Ouran High School Host Club


This week’s discussion is… you guessed it… Ouran High School Host Club. Long title. Amazing show.

I’ve been watching this show on Netflix. As an anime, it is in Japanese, but the version I’m watching is English subbed. I don’t know Japanese. Sorry folks.

Episode 2:The Job of a High School Host!

Do these kids ever attend class? Seriously? This episode is adorable though. You get to see more of the host club, first as they’re treating the ladies to a show of their masculine bodies. Seriously, why are all the guys thin and pale as ghosts? Really? Maybe I’m weird, but there couldn’t be one guy with a little bit of chunky meat to his bones? Later, the host club steps in with a plan when one of their regulars, a young woman begins host hopping (Is this seriously a bad thing?) to catch another man’s attention.

Apparently, she’s engaged to the heir of a teacup man. He knows all about teacups, and it’s pointed out that she looks happiest when she’s looking down at a one. Tamaki declares that the host club will help her gain her man’s attention because it’s their job to bring happiness to every young woman they host. It’s a weird theology, but let’s just roll with it because their future escapades are adorable.

Haruhi shines as she flips back and forth between being a “boy” and being a “girl”. At least, in the way the boys see her that is. She just goes with it all though because I think she honestly cares about the happiness of this young woman as well. And in a weird, roundabout way, their plans work out.

Also, Hahuri gets her first kiss! And it’s not from who you think.

One of the main things that bugs me about this show is Tamaki’s reference to himself as “Daddy” and Kyoya as “Mommy”. I don’t do the whole roleplay of mommy/daddy thing. Whether it’s meant in a sexual way or not, so it’s just weird and rubs me the wrong way. Bleh. Stop it, Tamaki! Grow up!

Favorite Character

Haruhi is still my favorite character, but for the sake of talking about someone else, I’ll mention that Tamaki is actually a decent character in this episode. I still don’t like him, but at the end of the episode, he does bring up a really good point, showing a softer, nicer side of him I could get used to if I had to.

Memorable Quotes

“I have no decision-making authority. All of the club’s policies have been laid out by the club’s king, Tamaki, but I guess there’s no harm in admitting to casually slipping a Bali photo book onto his desk.” ~ Kyoya Otori

Have you watched this show? What did you think of it? Talk to me about it!


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