Shifters & Mages Update #7


I would like to tell you that I met my goal and completed Warren’s Rage, but I can’t…

I am not unhappy with my progress with this story. I came at it like it was a first draft at first, but now I’m tackling it as if it’s a first and second draft. Yup… I’ve been editing as I go. Shame on me. I’ve been writing a little bit and then going back and editing the bit I wrote the day prior before I start writing for the current day.

That being said, I have a stronger first-ish draft that I should only have to edit through once before I shoot it off to my editor. *crosses fingers* Here’s hoping.

Original Due Date: 10-10-17
Updated Due Date: 10-15-17
New Due Date: 10-31-17

Current Word Count: 16,166
Word Count Goal: 25,000

There is only about 9K (9,000 words) left to write in order to complete the story, and I actually think it might go over my word count goal, which is a good thing because I’ll edit some of it out in the next edit, and my editor (Godz I love her!) when she gets her hands on it.

I have not been working on any of the other books although I have been thinking about how I need to re-write the ending to Hunters’ Betrayal. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Currently, Hunters’ Betrayal is sitting at 33K (33,000 words), but I don’t know how re-writing the ending, which means changing a couple of chapters, will change that. I might have to do another re-write (the version I have is actually the third draft) of the entire thing to make the new ending work, but at least then I’ll be done with it.

I’m still hoping to get all of this done before the end of the month, which means I have fifteen (15) days left to do it. I can get it done. I can!


I still need a title for the novella collection, which includes the following: Warren’s Rage, Hunters’ Betrayal, and Scott’s Investigation. I’m thinking Shifters & Mages Tales but could always use input. What do you guys think?


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