TV Discussion #9: Ouran High School Host Club


This week’s discussion is… you guessed it… Ouran High School Host Club. Long title. Amazing show.

I’ve been watching this show on Netflix. As an anime, it is in Japanese, but the version I’m watching is English subbed. I don’t know Japanese. Sorry folks.

Episode #7: Jungle Pool SOS!

The Host Club has been allowed to leave school and go to the Otori Tropical Aqua Garden for the day, which is scheduled to open soon, to test it out. Tamaki and the twins are back at it, attempting to get Haruhi in a bathing suit while she looks at them and gives them a, “What’s your guys’ problem?” look that makes it blatently clear she doesn’t get the big deal. (*shakes head* Girl, you got problems if you can’t understand the pervertedness that runs through yo boys.) However, their fun is cut short as an accident has them searching the gardens for Honey, who’s been washed away with the tide.

This is the first time we’ve seen Honey and Mori separated from one another, and we really get an in-depth look at Mori’s character. We learn about his history with Honey’s family, how his family was once servants of Honey’s, honorbound to protect them, and how now that the families are married and interwoven, it’s no longer the case. That doesn’t stop Mori from acting protective of Honey though.

There’s several episodes where Haruhi is alone with each of the guys and we get to see how her relationship with each of them develops. In this one, she’s left alone with Mori, and their understanding of one another grows, but not in a lovey-dovey way I believe. (Besides, Tamaki has already pointed out the essence of the storyline and we already know – pretty much – who she’s going to get with.) Still, it was really cool to learn more about Mori and see their friendship grow with each other. Like the twins, she’s figured the young man out in a way I don’t even think he realized. (She has a habit of doing that with each of the characters.)

At the same time, there is a slight (actually it’s big, but no one seems to think so at the time) oversight, when Kyoya reports to the Otori Family Police that there’s a small boy missing and that they must elliminate all suspicious persons. Haruhi is mistaken for the small boy and Mori for a suspicious person. In comes Honey to save the day! This is the first time we see just how lethal Honey can be as well. He may be adorable, but he’s also a weapon of mass destruction, and I do not ever want to get on his bad side!

Favorite Character

It’s hard to think of Honey and Mori as two separate beings as they are always together, but I love the pair – together and separate. They are polar opposites in a lot of ways, but it’s always obvious how much they care for each other.

Memorable Quotes

“Hold on. You know how to swim. Do you still need that float?” ~ Haruhi Fujioka

Have you watched this show? What did you think of it? Talk to me about it!


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