TV Discussion #10: Ouran High School Host Club


This week’s discussion is… you guessed it… Ouran High School Host Club. Long title. Amazing show.

I’ve been watching this show on Netflix. As an anime, it is in Japanese, but the version I’m watching is English subbed. I don’t know Japanese. Sorry folks.

Episode #8: The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club!

Haruhi admitted in the last episode that she doesn’t like the pool, but she does like the ocean, so the host club is visiting a beach in Okinawa. They’re still playing host though, so no bathing suit time for Haruhi, much to Tamaki and the twins’ disappointment. (Go, Kyoya, for setting that up!) The twins get bored easily though and quickly try to make a new game and figure out what Haruhi’s afraid of after she saves some of their clients from a large bug with no fear. (That’s my girl!)

There’s so much about this episode that amuses me, but it also angers me because I don’t like the game and some of the things the boys test out. They start with the typical things most girls are afraid of – snakes, the dark, spooky things in the dark, etc – but as the day wears on, they manage to scare their clients, but not their true target, Haruhi. She’s a brave girl, and not typical by any means, which is part of why their stunts angered me. I don’t understand why they weren’t a little more creative in their thinking, knowing she’s not like other girls.

Then, the kicker came when Haruhi came to the defense of some of their clients being picked on by two men who were larger than even her. She showed absolutely no fear of the men, but the rest of the host club was angry with her after the men threw her from a cliff and into the ocean to “show her who’s boss” because they didn’t understand why she didn’t call for help. Even though it’s been broadcasted several times that Haruhi was raised by a single dad and didn’t usually have someone to rely on, it never occurred to the boys that she didn’t call for help because she’s used to being alone all the time and not having someone to rely on.

Their games seemed to come to an end then as they ate dinner (their clients were sent home after that incident, each with a bouquet of flowers), but now Tamaki thought Haruhi should apologize for her actions. Another point where I disagreed. He wanted her to admit she was wrong for taking on the men in the first place, and I don’t think she was. The rest of the host club wasn’t near enough to help. She was. I think he was forcing her to apologize for the wrong thing. She didn’t owe an apology for that. For scaring them to death, maybe, but not for helping their clients. Isn’t that their job as hosts, after all?

Later though, it was a shocker to me when Kyoya pulled his stunt when he was alone with Haruhi in his bedroom (she walked into the wrong room), and made me angry, but in the end he was a gentleman and did not do what he made out like he was going to. Haruhi pointed something out about Kyoya that I hadn’t thought of until that moment too, which also seemed to give Kyoya something to think about. He doesn’t do anything that doesn’t benefit him, and being with Haruhi sexually has no benefitial value to him. At least, that’s what she points out to him. I don’t necessarily agree with her idea completely because I can see the argument where there would be a benefit for him to take advantage of her in that situation, but at the same time, she’s right. With the way Kyoya operates, that wouldn’t be benefitial.

Of course, Haruhi’s real fear is revealed and Tamaki finally comes to understand why Haruhi stood up to the men at the beach. (Really, Tamaki? Really?) She’s afraid of lightning and hides in dark closets until storms end. He admits to her that she doesn’t have to handle it alone and attempts to help her handle the storm, but as he blindfolds her in his room, and the others find them like that… Of course other assumptions are made. Of course. Cue all the teasing about BDSM.

Favorite Character

The twins are amazing. They are so in tune with one another, but they also care about their friends. They know just how to annoy “the boss” and still have fun at the same time. Also, the way they come to Haruhi’s rescue and defend her honor against the punks that pick on her is absolutely adorable. Who says cilvalry is dead?

Memorable Quotes

“We just thought up a new game to play that could be a lot of fun. Whadda ya say? It’s called The Who Can Find Out Haruhi’s Weakness Game. So, think you’re up to it?” ~ Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin

Have you watched this show? What did you think of it? Talk to me about it!


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