TV Discussion #15: Your Lie in April


I’ve missed a week of discussions because I’m a slacker. Today, we’re discussing a new anime I started watching called Your Lie in April.

I’ve been watching this show on Netflix.

Episode #3: Inside Spring

Sometimes I wonder what’s going on through Kaori’s mind. She chooses “Friend A” AKA Kousei to be a stand-in for Watari. Why? Seriously? Still, she gets him into a shop where there’s a piano and she convinces Kousei to play for two little kids, so a win, I guess.

Then we also learn more about the contests Kousei was in as a child and how much Kaori knows about him. We also learn the reason Kousei doesn’t play anymore. He can start off playing just fine, but the longer he plays and the more he concentrates, the less and less he hears his own playing.

Is that even a thing? Really? Seriously? Gah! This bothers me. Really, it does.

I do like the fact that shortly after learning about his “disability”, Kaori decides to pick him for her new accompanist. She and Tsubaki work together to force him to do it. They sabatoge the school’s music and play the song Kaori chooses for the competition on repeat, put the sheets of music in the music room and his house and on the window that separates his room from Tsubaki’s and in his text book and even set it as his phone’s wallpaper. It was hilarious.

Then we learn the reason Tsubaki is so insistent on getting Kousei back at the piano. While I don’t necessarily like that they are forcing Kousei to play, I do understand their reasoning behind it, and I can accept that because we see the evidence of it throughout the episode. Kousei hates the piano, and he’s avoiding it to make sure he doesn’t have to deal with it. At the same time, he loves it and misses it dearly. It’s why he won’t get rid of his personal piano.

In the end, Kaori doesn’t give up on him, and she tells him exactly what he needs to hear to get him back on stage to help her, and while I don’t think their methods of execution were good, their reasons for doing so were excellent. He needs to “get back on the horse” so to speak.

Favorite Character

Kaori is still my favorite character. She’s a musician. She’s tough, but she’s brilliant. That said, I think she’s sick, and I have a bad feeling about the ending of the series.

Memorable Quotes

“For people like us, a life without music is death.” ~ Kaori Miyazono

Have you watched this show? What did you think of it? Talk to me about it!


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