TV Discussion #16: Your Lie in April


I’ve missed a week of discussions because I’m a slacker. Today, we’re discussing a new anime I started watching called Your Lie in April.

I’ve been watching this show on Netflix.

Episode #4: Departure

This is the first episode that hints that things between Kousei and his mother weren’t one hundred percent right. His mother was extremely sick, and couldn’t play the piano anymore, couldn’t accomplish her dreams, so she tried to make Kousei do it in her stead. She was harsh on the boy, and I have a sinking feeling that as the show continues, we’ll see that their relationship was an abusive one as well.

This episode brings us back to the competition Kaori was in for the next round. She’s chosen Kousei to be her accompanist and she won’t take no for an answer. The pressure is higher this time – at least with some of the other characters in the competition – and Kousei is no different, but Kaori helps Kousei to see the light… with a headbutt to the head. Hahaha!

When they get on stage, everyone seems to recognize Arima (Kousei) as well. The robot and the free spirit, someone else notes from the crowd, and that’s exactly what they are. She’s off to the races as soon as they start playing, and he does beutifully with it at first, but as they perform together, he loses track of himself and falls into the ocean, as he calls it. Still, if Kousei followed her lead rather than paying attention to the sheet music, I think he wouldn’t fall prey to his own fears. She’s actually the perfect person for him to play with, if he’d learn to ignore anything outside of her and her violin.

Of course, tradegy falls and he stops playing when he can no longer hear the notes, leaving her alone. When she falls silent as well, they’re disqualified, but she has a quick conversation with him, and they start again, this time making it through the song. This time, he focuses on her, and she’s able to keep his attention, so that he makes it through the song when he finally takes her advice and looks at her rather than the sheets of music.

Favorite Character

Kaori’s amazing. Crazy. Reckless. Amazing. Simply amazing. Kousei compares her to a roller coaster, and that’s exactly what she is.

Memorable Quotes

“Don’t worry. I know you can do it… I’ll give it everything I’ve got, and the people who hear it? They’ll never forget me. I was put on this earth to make music. It’s dark, and you can’t see where the road leads, but trust in me, and take another step. The stars will light our path, however faintly. I know they will. Come on. Our journey awaits.” ~ Kaori Miyazono

Have you watched this show? What did you think of it? Talk to me about it!


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