Movie Discussion #4: Trolls Holiday


It’s nearing the holidays, so I figured I’d watch a holiday short movie and since I’m in love with the Trolls movie, why not watch Trolls Holiday?

I watched this movie on Netflix after my girls told me that’s where it was.

Trolls Holiday

This is an extremely short movie, but it’s super cute. The trolls have sooo many holidays, and since the disbanning of Trollstice and the start of the Bergens friendship with the Trolls, the Bergens have nothing to celebrate, and Poppy tries to help them out, with the aid of her friends.

Just like with Trolls, there’s a conglomeration of songs with words changed here and there to match the Trolls’ lifestyle. It was adorable as always. Also, the same is said about the holidays. The Trolls have such weird and abnormal holidays. They celebrate the strangest things that come across as funny to me, but are completely normal to them. That being said, some of their holidays were based on fads I’ve seen in my lifetime. Anyone remember when wearing jewels in your belly button (no, not belly button rings, but actual jewels) was popular? Welcome to the nineties all over again!

Poppy is a wonderful character. She’s chipper and enthusiastic and definitely a “glass half-full” kinda Troll, but she can also be overbearing and over-the-top, which is what she is in this short film. While she wants to help her Bergen friends and she does have good intentions, she goes a little – okay… a lot – outside their comfort zone. They aren’t used to celebrating and Poppy bombards them with holidays that have little-to-no meaning to the Bergens. And to top it off, she doesn’t listen to her friends as they ask her to stop.

The only thing I don’t understand about this movie (and I’m sorry if this is a spoiler for those who haven’t seen Trolls) is why Branch is his original gray color again. Don’t get me wrong. I actually prefer him with those colors versus his “actual” colors, but he got his color back at the end of Trolls, so why doesn’t he have it now. This is something that happens with a lot of short films based off movies, and while most can be blamed on the fact that they take place during the time their movie counterparts didn’t show (Anyone remember ALL the Beauty and the Beast spinoffs where Beast was still… a beast?), but that’s definitely not the case here. It’s a small detail, but it bugs me for reasons I can’t explain. Surely, I can’t be the only one…

Favorite Character

Branch is still my hero. I loved him in the movie. I love him in this short film. He’s still the most level-headed of all the Trolls, and he helps bring Poppy down a few notches, as she needs in this film.

Memorable Quotes

“So much flippin’ glitter!” ~ Poppy

Have you watched this show? What did you think of it? Talk to me about it!


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