Where Have I Been?!?


Did you miss me? Wonder where I’ve been? Well, wonder no longer because I’m back… Err… Sorta… I need to review what I really want to post about on this blog now, but for now, I’m thinking I’ll post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you’re new to my blog, and I’ve seen a lot of people start following me despite my not adding any content, so I’m not certain what’s going on there. If someone tagged me in a post I haven’t gotten to, then great! Thanks! I owe you one!

Anyway, above is a video talking about what’s been going on the past couple of months – basically since November. TL;DW I’ve been dealing with burnout, depression about project progression, internet issues, and illness. Plus, snow. Which I don’t think I mentioned in the video actually… Hmmm…

So, more to come soon-ish, and hopefully I’ll get a schedule going soon. Until next time!


One thought on “Where Have I Been?!?

  1. This all happens to the best of us. I get into those kinds of funks as well. Sorry to hear you’re sick, as well. I think just about everyone is. I’m glad to see you posting again though. 🙂

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