My Bookish Valentine Blog Hop: Your Fictional Crush



I’m participating in another blog hop, but this time, it’s Valentine’s Day themed! Once you read this post, check out some of the others listed below. Enjoy!

Who is your fictional crush?

Oh! This is a tough one. Well, I think my first fictional crush was actually with a horse, as I fell in love with Black from The Black Stallion by Walter Farley, but since then, my love has shifted to the devilishly dark and handsome man known as Tarik from Legend by Jude Deveraux.

JoLinsdellJo Linsdell

This is a tough one. Given the amount of books I’ve read, there are loads of characters I could put as the answer to this one. I’m going to go with one that always comes to mind though… Mr. Darcy. What’s not to like about Mr. Darcy? So what if he’s a bit socially awkward. I imagine him with that refined look from Regency Era England. So romantic! He’s wants the perfect partner and is not interested in settling for less. He’s rich too, which although is a very shallow reason, means he could take good care of me. Oh and we could drink tea together… I’m a Brit. I love proper English tea 😉

V.L. Jennings

I guess I’m going first… I’ll confess… My fictional crushes are Almanzo Wilder (Little House on The Prairie)- he knows how to romance a girl! And Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables)- he knows how to wait on a girl- all while still playfully getting on her nerves 😉

My Bookish Valentine Pinterest

7th: Jo Linsdell
8th: Virginia Jennings
9th: Casia Schreyer
10th: Casia Schreyer
11th: Skye Hegyes
12th: Skye Hegyes
13th: William James
14th: Virginia Jennings


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