My Bookish Valentine Blog Hop: A Book with a Heart of a Cover



I’m participating in another blog hop, but this time, it’s Valentine’s Day themed! Once you read this post, check out some of the others listed below. Enjoy!

Name a book with a heart on the cover.

Honestly, the first book that comes to mind is probably not the typical idea for this. The reason? It has a heart on the cover, an anatomical one. It’s called Hearts & Other Body Parts by Ira Bloom, and is a YA paranormal romance book following the romances of three high school sisters who also happen to be witches.

JoLinsdellJo Linsdell

I’m going to pick The Defrosting of Charlotte Small by Annabel Giles. I love this cover. This was a book I picked up based solely on the cover, and it didn’t disappoint. You can watch my video review of the book here:

About the book: Single mother Charlotte Small’s life is falling apart…After flattening a friend’s dog, carelessly losing not one job but three, and waving her daughter off to spend Christmas overseas, Charlotte hits the wall. Years of suppressed heartbreak and disappointment overwhelm her and the fine thread of sanity finally snaps. Consequently, having thrown the entire contents of her house onto the street, she’s found by the police, lying on her back under a Christmas tree with an empty bottle of Port and a half-eaten lump of Stilton. Charlotte needs to claw her way back from the brink and start again. But can she build a bigger, brighter, and better existence this time around? The Defrosting of Charlotte Small is wonderfully observed and genuinely funny, mining the glorious seam of black humour that is fast becoming Annabel Giles’ trademark.

Casia SchreyerCasia Schreyer

The first one that sprang to mind was Taking Flight: An Intimate Journal of Self-Awareness by Marianne Curtis. There’s a few special things about this book – first, it’s a follow up to her best-selling memoir Finding Gloria and second, she’s just released the cover of this brand new project. The expected release date is May 1, 2018.


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7th: Jo Linsdell
8th: Virginia Jennings
9th: Casia Schreyer
10th: Casia Schreyer
11th: Skye Hegyes
12th: Skye Hegyes
13th: William James
14th: Virginia Jennings


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