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Shifters & Mages

During the Salem Witch Trials, witches were hunted down and killed for their practice of magic while their familiars, those meant to enhance their magic, watched.

Now, many years later, witches and familiars have changed their titles in order to protect themselves from Hunters, humans sworn to destroy them all. The Council now assigns shifters to protect their mage charges for the protection of their kind. Mages use their magic to help the world a little bit every day, the shifters have the loyalty to stand by their side and protect them from any who may harm them, and between them all is the love that might save them from the Hunters’ wrath.

Puck's ChoiceJenna's Story

Puck’s Choice | Jenna’s Story | Hunters’ Betrayal (2017) | Myles’ Life (2018) | Cassie’s Sacrifice (2019)


These are contemporary romances meant to show the strength of the heart and soul and reveal just how far some people are willing to go to find their own fairy tale happily ever after. Surrender to the power of love, life, and laughter.


Hold Me Now (2018) | Leave Me Never (2018) | Say You’ll Stay (2019) | With Me Forever (2019)


Life on Altera is different than that on Earth. Several teenagers from Earth discover this as they travel through portals and find their way into the wondrous forests, mountains, and plains of Altera. Welcome to a world where knights ride the backs of dragons, horses don’t exist but unicorns do, and where wolves are the size of small cars and can talk. Immerse yourself in the various cultures of Altera among humans, Avari, and Houndfolk.

Lost Heir (TBA) | Bargain with a King (TBA) | Knight of Iilane (TBA) | Keeper of Tales (TBA) | Altera, a History (TBA)

Stand Alones


Moon Blessed (2019) | Endless Starry Nights (2018)


ShortStorySmash1wpid-v-3.jpgMyths Untold: Faerytlnw-v2cn_frontcover-with-titlesh_furteethclaws_ebook

Short Story Smash | Days of Stars | Faery | The Longest Night Watch, Volume 2 (Oct 20, 2016) | Truly, Madly, Deeply (TBA) | Fur, Teeth, and Claws (2019)

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