Review Policy


I am an author, yes, but I am also a book-lover. My ever-growing collection of books (500+) only proves that. I am always reading, and no genre is forbidden. Do I enjoy them all the same? No. However, there isn’t a genre I will turn away… For the most part.

At this moment, the only non-fiction I read are those I choose myself. Feel free to make a recommendation if it’s one you think I will like. However, I am not accepting ARCs (paperback or ebook) for any non-fiction at this time.

My preferred genres are: paranormal romance/urban fantasy, NA/YA and below, and science fiction/fantasy. I absolutely LOVE these.

My least preferred genres are: horror and mystery. Will I read them, but they aren’t my favorite.

If you are a author and would like me to review your work, feel free to contact me with the title of your book, a blurb, and purchase links (if applicable). If it’s something I am interested in reading and reviewing, I will purchase a copy (if applicable) or request an ARC.

All reviews are posted to Goodreads. Some are featured on my blog. Anytime I feature a book review on my blog that an author has sent me an ARC for, I send him/her a link to the post. At this time, I am not posting reviews to Amazon. A lot of my reviews in the past have been denied for various reasons, so at the moment, while I purchase from them, I do not submit reviews to them unless specifically asked to.

Rating System

One Star
Did not finish (DNF) book. Tons of grammatical and/or formatting mistakes. Contains unbelievable plot, characters, or settings. Will not read anymore by the author.

Two Stars
Finished the book, but did not like it. A lot of times, the story is decent but poorly executed. I also reserve this for pieces advertised as part of series but is a short piece that could have been combined with its other parts to become one book. I try to avoid those though.

Three Stars
Finished the book and liked it, but didn’t find it amazing. It was just an average read.

Four Stars
I loved the book. I will look for more works by the author to read. There were a couple of things I didn’t like about the book, but that didn’t prevent me from enjoying it.

Five Stars
I find the book absolutely amazing. Not only will I look for more books by the author, I’ll probably end up re-reading the book over and over again.

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